A simple way to run your payroll
Understanding the payroll process is hard, but at Konnect Koncepts we take the headache away, making it easy to pay your people on time, accurately and within legislation.

Payroll is more than just a transaction, it’s a critical function of your operations and how you reward your staff for their expertise, enabling them to support themselves and ensure their family’s wellbeing. Late payroll or errors create staff dissatisfaction and, at worse, damage to your employment brand.

KonnectPAY – making sure your team is paid on time


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For large businesses, we have in-depth experience to service the complex requirements of large workforces that may need process reengineering, process standardisation and automation, and extended payroll services.
For small businesses, payroll can be a time consuming and often overwhelming task that no-one looks forward to. We can provide qualified payroll support to ensure you are on top of deadlines, reporting and an evolving regulatory landscape, giving you more time and resource to focus on your core business – and growing it.
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  • Scalable - Scale up or down to meet the demands of your business

  • Efficient - Improve payroll timeframes and free up key people to focus on business critical things

  • Compliant - Ensure compliance with IRD and other payroll regulations
  • Innovative - Utilise real time platforms and apps, time and attendance and reporting tools

  • Collaborative - Engage your staff through stats of the art HRIS, Payroll systems and apps
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We have partnered with iPayroll, a pioneer in cloud-based payroll solutions in New Zealand. It is simple, easy to set-up and cost- effective.


Get in touch for a no obligation chat about KonnectPay


Get in touch for a no obligation chat about KonnectPay