Employers are learning that the cost of replacing a staff member is far greater than retaining one

Employee retention is at the top of every HR person’s mind as we navigate a worldwide talent squeeze. An article by HRD’s Coann Labitoria gives you twelve creative yet effective strategies to retain employees.

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Why is retaining employees important?

Making sure your employees are happy and loyal seems like a straight-forward idea but what works for one company doesn’t necessarily translate to another. Despite this, there are some tactics that are more effective than others. Below are twelve effective strategies that HR can employ.

1. Have a smart onboarding process that teaches the new employee about their role, immerses them in company culture and creates connections with their co-workers.

2. Implement mentorship and peer-matching programs that encourage new hires to learn from current employees.

3. Promote wellness and healthy work-life balance so your employees feel they are being taken care of by their employer.

4. Provide sabbatical leave to your long-term employees so they can focus on wellbeing, learn a new skill or do volunteer work.

5. Challenge your team collectively, keep employees motivated and engaged, and maintain the open communication between teams and co-workers.

6. Let employees have a say in the employee experience

7. Celebrate wins and efforts with your team and individuals

8. Have a relaxed and casual office space and workplace atmosphere that promotes open communication and opportunities for brainstorming.

9. Offer training opportunities to help your employees advance their careers.

10. Allow lateral opportunities and job rotations to minimise the risk of fatigue in your workforce.

11. Have a generous benefits package that matches the needs and demands of your specific employees needs. 

12. Provide flexible working arrangements where possible

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