Your CV is how future employers see who you, and what you can bring to the table. It's an ever-evolving document that should be tailored to suit the type of industry/job you're applying for. There are plenty of places online to find what to put into your CV. Here we've tried to summarise with a few tips on what to do when writing your CV, what not to put in your CV as well as access to some free templates.

Read through to ensure your CV stays in the recruitment process and not in the reject pile!

Tips for writing your CV/Resume

  • Include your contact details - name, contact number and email address. Prospective Employers or Recruiters need to be able to contact you easily and quickly. 
  • Keep it short! 3 pages or less, nothing more. 
  • Keep your CV up-to-date. Ensure your contact details are current and your most recent work history is present.
  • Explain gaps in employment where appropriate. Employer's won't always consider someone who has unexplained breaks in their employment. If you went away travelling for 6 months - make a note about it!
  • Older or less relevant work history can be summarised at the end of your more relevant work history. Your 'Newspaper run' job from 10 years ago doesn't need to have it's own detailed section. Instead, you can list older and less relevant jobs toward the end of your CV.
  • Get someone else to check it. Ask someone to read through it for grammar and spelling mistakes.

Please do not....

  • Include a photo - unless specifically requested, don’t put a photo on your CV. Prospective employers shouldn’t make decisions based on appearance, but, unfortunately, some still do.
  • Use over-used language - Words like 'dynamic', 'outstanding' and 'reliable' are overused and have become meaningless. Lets face it, most employer's expect their employees to be reliable. 
  • Salary Expectations. This will be discussed further down the recruitment process.
  • Personal preferences. Don’t indicate your race, nationality, marital status, children, religion or political preferences.

Free CV/Resume Templates

SEEK - Free Resume CV Template

Trade Me - Free CV Resume Template

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