Konnect Koncepts provides a range of outsourced services to a variety of small to medium sized businesses focusing on changing the way these are done. Our approach is to develop long-term partnerships with our tailored outsourced HR, outsourced Recruitment and outsourced Payroll support models that can evolve as businesess change.
Born out of a friendship, tiring long hours aboard across multiple timezones, TJ decided that it was time to look for something a bit closer to home. With his mate George and a goal of starting something new – it was a LIGHT-BULB moment. After working with Recruitment Agencies and HR consultants and hearing the pain-points from various employers and businesses, it was clear what we wanted to do – Cost-effective, tailored Outsourced HR, Outsourced Recruitment and Outsourced Payroll solutions for small to medium sized businesses across any industry.

Today, doing things the way they have always been done before, can mean going backwards. Realising that traditional structures are no longer the only option available out there, organisations are looking for more flexible and competitive solutions and as they become more confident and comfortably outsourcing their support functions to external parties – it allows them to gain efficiency and access to specialist expertise.

Every business has different requirements and we work with you to plan, design and execute an outsourcing solution model that is for your business.


Improving your business through cost-effective Outsourced HR, Recruitment & Payroll services


Client Focussed

Process of establishing links, making connections & relating to people

Tailored Solutions

Satisfaction is of paramount importance to us therefore every investment & decision is based on there requirements & objectives


People and our teams are the core of everything we do


We say what we mean & mean what we say. We stick to our commitments, treat everyone equitably, and communicate openly and honestly


When you partner with Konnect Koncepts, the whole Konnect Team is there to support your needs and requirements whether we are on-site at your premise or working remotely. We understand how busy you are and our priority is to keep things simple, easy and efficient as possible. So check out our Konnect team

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Andrea Berrington
Operations Lead

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Bobby Angelovski
Recruitment Coordinator

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Ebony Porter
Recruitment Consultant

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George Peacock

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Kirstine MacPherson
HR Advisor (Christchurch)

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Letticia Yong
Recruitment Coordinator

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Renee Tucker
HR Advisor

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Russ Knight
HR Generalist

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TJ Mauheni-Zacharias
CEO | Director

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Victoria Cheetham
Communications Lead